Apparently, not everyone thinks the Grand Mesa is all that grand.

Scores of people have been to the Grand Mesa in the last few weeks to check out the amazing fall colors, and the photos we have been seeing on social media have been absolutely terrific.

On Trip Advisor, there are currently 469 reviews from people who have been on the Grand Mesa and most of them have been thrilled with the experience. However, not everyone who has traveled the Scenic Byway has been all that impressed.

Spookyscary1026 from California writes:

I wouldn't call it GRAND, per se. more like the good mesa, or the slightly above average mesa...

Grand Mesa Colorado
Zane Mathews

David from Grand Junction was a little less complimentary:

nice drive in the country. But horrible choices of food or drink. road is narrow and slick all year long. bugs are horrible. bring a shotgun for the mosquitoes, the locals are rude and don't want you there. the tourists are angry they spent money to come...

Diane M was the other reviewer we found who wasn't so fond of the Grand Mesa:

Not as spectacular for me as some viewers wrote. Nice scenery , pleasant drive, not much to stop for. I thought the Colorado monument was far more spectacular. Should be number 1 on the list...

My advice to Diane would be to get off the main road, drive or hike back to some of the lakes and you will discover there is a lot more to stop for than meets the eye.

Are there views more spectacular in Colorado than the Grand Mesa? Yes, no doubt. Are there more beautiful places in Colorado to visit? Sure. But, the fact is, the Grand Mesa is a beautiful place filled with its own wonder, and western Colorado residents are fortunate to live in close proximity to the wonders and the majesty of the mesa.

I remain firmly planted on the side of the many who think the Grand Mesa is simply grand! Which side are YOU on?

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