A modern-day cattle drive is slowing down some western Colorado traffic this week.

Cattle drives are nothing new to Colorado, but the way they are done is dramatically different from the 1800s. Horseback riders are still a big part of the process, but now we have trucks, ATVs, trailers, and paved highways.

Cows On the Highway

Motorists on Highway 92 south of Hotchkiss need to be aware of the cattle drive that is taking place this week. According to the Delta County Sheriff's Office, local ranchers are moving their cattle to the forest service grazing permits this week. That means large herds of cattle on Highway 92 between Crawford and Crystal Creek. Not only will motorists find cattle on the highway, but they will also find horseback riders, cattle dogs, ATVs, trucks, and trailers. It's a potentially dangerous situation.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Local ranchers have wanted to get this information out for the safety of the cattle as well as all of the workers. In recent years, cows have been hit and killed and horseback riders injured because of drivers not paying attention or not taking their time getting through the herd.

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What To Know

The Delta County Sheriff's Office is offering some tips for motorists who travel Highway 92.

  • Take  your time and be patient
  • Don't honk or yell at the cows
  • Don't stop in the middle of the herd to take pictures
  • Don't let kids hang out the windows
  • Don't get out of your car near the cattle

I realize most of us won't be traveling that particular highway this week, but it is interesting to know that ranchers still do big cattle drives to get their cows the food and water they need. For those that will be traveling near Crawford, please exercise caution.


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