In a battle between a blue bag and a huge Yellowstone bull elk, who do you think would win? If you said the elk, congratulate yourself because you are correct based on a brand new video that's just been shared from the park.

The person who recorded the video explained what went down in this elk vs bag throwdown:

Just another day working at Yellowstone. Was cleaning cabins and this elk came and started playing with a bag of trash we had next to our cart. Eventually, he got bored and took off and let us be.

Yes, just another day of wildlife being wildlife in Yellowstone. Feel the elk FURY.

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The fact that we're not far removed from elk rutting season, it's not surprising that this bull elk is offended by a blue ball in HIS territory. What offends a bull elk? Answer: EVERYTHING.

Let this be another teachable moment why us humans need to stay as far away from wildlife like this as possible especially this time of year. Any of us could share the fate of that blue ball if we don't.

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