This story is just plain sad. When you think of marriage you think about two people being in love and wanting to spend every second together. Unfortunately, this love story didn't end happily ever after. As the bride, Alexis Wyatt died in a car accident in Colorado in February. And as her family is trying to settle her affairs the wedding videographer that was set to capture their big day is now refusing a refund.

Alexis' fiance Justin Montney reached out to Copper Stallion Media and was refused a refund after she had passed away according to The Denver Channel. He was looking for the $1,800 back seeing as how the wedding was no longer going to take place.

The company did offer to extend his services to his next wedding, which would obviously upset anyone who just lost the love of their life in a tragic accident like this. After being refused the money back, he went online and left a bad review and then started getting harassed by the company.

Copper Stallion Media took it so far as to redirect their entire business website and Yelp page to a new website they created which was

This topic has people divided as some people think Justin should have the $1,800 returned to him. Others think that he knew the contract was non-refundable so he has to deal with the loss of that money.

Copper Stallion Media posted on what would have been Justin and Alexis' wedding day a picture of them saying

We hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day. Sorry, not sorry.

Which is just disrespectful. But, who's side are you on?

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