An extremely volatile issue sweeping across America has come to Grand Junction.

If you haven't passed the intersection of 7th and Patterson recently, you likely have not seen the evidence of protests that have been going on over the past couple of weeks in Grand Junction.

The Issue

It's no secret Americans are divided on everything from their views on political and social issues to wearing masks and getting vaccinated for COVID-19.  In this case, there are two issues.  As the protest signs indicate,  the group objects to forced injections and is standing up for their right to choose.  The other issue, according to the website, they don't want the vaccine because "they have seen what it continues to do to people and the adverse reactions are only growing. True effects won't be known for at least another two years." Of course, if workplace vaccine mandates are implemented, without approved exemptions hundreds of workers could lose their jobs.

Stop the Mandate Petitions

Two petitions are currently being circulated - one for health care workers and one for the general public.  The goal appears to simply be to demonstrate to local health care facilities widespread opposition to vaccine mandates not only among health care workers but in the community as well. There are in-person petitions and online petitions for those interested in supporting the movement.

What Do the Petitions Say?

As employees vaccinated and unvaccinated, we oppose the implementation of a vaccine mandate. We respectfully request that you withdraw this mandate.

"As the community that you serve, we oppose the implementation of a vaccine mandate. We respectfully request that you withdraw this mandate.

The entire community will be watching closely over the next few days to see what happens next in regards to local healthcare workers, the vaccine mandate, and their jobs.

Grand Junction Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges on many levels. Across the country, COVID numbers are rising prompting the advent of workplace vaccine mandates. Healthcare workers threatened with losing their jobs are speaking up. A busy Grand Junction intersection has been the site of local protests over the past couple of weeks.

Grand Junction Speaks Out On Vaccine

To get the COVID-19 vaccine or not to get the vaccine - that is the question. The answer is either yes or no, but the real question is the why. What plays into the decision you have made - or are in the process of making for yourself? Regardless of what the decision was, we wanted to know what folks in western Colorado were thinking and we asked the question on Facebook. Give us your reasons. Well, they did, and here are a few of their responses.



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