A former nurse employed by St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado has been accused of atrocious acts.

According to an arrest affidavit by Grand Junction Police, Christopher Lambros, 61, was arrested on October 25, 2022, for 3 Felony counts of sexual assault.

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Caught in the Act at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado

On July 9, 2022, Lambros was reportedly caught in the act by another nurse who immediately reported him to her supervisors at St. Mary's Hospital. Lambros, who was an intensive care nurse, is accused of taking a selfie of himself with an unconscious female patient whose gown he had lifted to expose her body.

Grand Junction Police Department
Grand Junction Police Department

The witness told authorities that when caught, Lambros immediately dropped his phone, re-covered the patient with her gown and blanket, and then did "something with the medical equipment" and left the room.

Lambros was placed on administrative leave immediately following the incident with access to the hospital and patients revoked.

Grand Junction Police Find Disturbing Evidence

Investigators paid Lambros a visit shortly after the incident occurred and questioned him at his home. Lambros allowed authorities to look through his phone voluntarily, but no images or videos were found relating to the incident.

Authorities told Lambros that his phone would be entered into evidence, and Lambros refused to give authorities his pin to unlock the device.

Digital forensic analysis was able to retrieve multiple deleted videos and photos of Lambros sexually assaulting numerous female patients while they were unconscious. Police are awaiting the results from another search warrant in order to access Lambros' Google Drive, where they believe more evidence of other victims may be hidden.

In the videos recovered from his phone, Lambros can be heard saying things such as:

  • "don't ever get rid of these videos,"
  • "you need to keep them forever," and
  • "This is your Dexter collection."

Lambros was fired from St. Mary's on the day of his arrest. The hospital has since issued the following statement:

“What this former nurse is accused of is reprehensible and goes against everything we believe and value at St. Mary’s Medical Center,” said Bryan Johnson, president of the hospital. “Patients put their trust in us and should feel safe in our care.”

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