Memorial Day visitors got a big surprise as they moved through the waters of Utah's Lake Powell over the holiday. Witnesses saw a large portion of the rock wall collapse from the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area down into the waters of Lake Powell.

This collapse was captured by Mila Carter and shared by KSL 5 TV on Facebook and can be seen in the video below.

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Where are Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area?

The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell are located in south-central Utah. The lake is located right on the border of Utah and Arizona. The lake was created in the early 70s after the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam. Lake Powell sees about 2 million visitors per year. The video below makes it easy to see why.

How Far is Lake Powell from Grand Junction, Colorado?

Lake Powell is about a full day's drive from Grand Junction, Colorado, at about 9 hours or 335 miles. The fastest route is a combination of I-70 West and Utah 24 West.

What Attractions Are Near Lake Powell, Utah?

There are over 2000 miles of shoreline at Lake Powell and some say it's the best fishing in the entire state. Cayon Adventure Boat Tours are a great way to see the lake and the impressive cliffs of Glen Canyon. The boats here can get you to parts of Antelope Canyon and Navajo Canyon that are only accessible from the water. Rainbow arches are accessible via longer hikes or from boat tours.

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