If you are ready for a unique hiking experience, try Colorado's Take a Llama to Lunch Hike.

I have to confess, I have never considered the idea of hiking with a llama, but it sounds very intriguing. And, taking a llama to lunch...who wouldn't want to do that?

You'll find Paragon Guides in Vail. They offer a variety of outdoor adventures including hikes with llamas. Imagine experiencing the beauty of Vail's backcountry while enjoying the company of a llama. Llama's rarely complain and they don't try to manage things.

Half-day and full-day hikes are offered starting at $415 for two people, $89 for each additional person, half price for kids, and children 5 and under are free. It certainly isn't cheap, but it sounds like a great family or group outing.

Each hike includes their Red-Checkered Picnic on the trail, snacks, water, and the company of a gentle llama. Keep in mind, the llamas aren't for riding. However, they will be happy to help carry your stuff and will be great hiking companions on an easy or moderate hike, based on your ability and the needs of your family or group.

A beautiful forest and trail, friends and family, a delicious picnic lunch, and a llama - it's a recipe for a wonderful Colorado summer adventure.


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