Sleeping under the stars 25 feet high in the trees could be how you spend your next getaway. Take a look at this treehouse Airbnb that's located less than two hours away from Grand Junction.

You've been in a treehouse before but we doubt you've been in one like this before. The Rocky Mountain treehouse is attached to four 100 foot tall spruce trees and here's a look at what sleeping in the trees looks like.

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Sleep in the Trees: Treehouse in Western Colorado is 25 Feet High

You can sleep in the trees in this treehouse Airbnb in Western Colorado. Take a look at the treehouse Airbnb that's 25 feet high and located in Carbondale.

Victorian House in Palisade is Surrounded By Wineries + Magnolias

This Airbnb in Palisade is surrounded by wineries and magnolias. Take a look at the Victorian house in Palisade that still has original glass from 1901.

Unique A-Frame Nestled in Canyon 45 Minutes From Grand Junction

This unique A-frame is nestled in a canyon just 45 minutes away from Grand Junction. Take a look at the Thimble Rock Point A-frame Airbnb in Mesa County. 

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