"Run Across Europe" is the current exhibition on display at Colorado Mesa University's gallery. This reminded me of some of the places I've been in Europe and it was nice to take a free trip back.

The photographs were taken by a group of students and their professor during a race across Europe. Their race began in Hungary, they spent some time in Montenegro and ended in Croatia. These are place I've always wanted to visit. Although I haven't been there, I have been to countries like Turkey and Italy. The pictures were reminiscent of these places and made me smile with their familiar scenery.

"Run Across Europe" is on display at Colorado Mesa University's gallery at 437 Colorado Avenue in Grand Junction. The exhibition is open now until August 25 from 12 pm to 5 pm and closed on the 4th of July. How great that you can just walk in for free and see beautiful artwork in a room full of light and creativity?

I spoke with Sam Speir, a student and employee of the gallery "The current exhibition is an awesome culmination of the student and the professor exploring new places and learning about themselves and photography." Sam wasn't sure what the next exhibition will be, but said the current exhibition will come down at the beginning of the school year. Perhaps the new school year will bring another awesome and eclectic exhibition along with it.

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