Dating in the 21st Century is a challenge. Ask me, I know. How do you find someone you want to be with? I mean, really want to be with?

Well, you could go to a bar, but if, like me, you don't drink that's just an exercise in futility. "Maybe join a club", someone said. "If you find a club you like, maybe you'll meet someone there". Yeah, no. That didn't work out so well either.

According to an article in the N.Y. Daily news, one-third of all marriages in the U.S. come as a result of meeting on the internet. Many of these sites have a monthly fee, but some will let you try before you buy. So, let's at least take a look at a few and see if they have any kind of track record for putting people together. The numbers associated with each come from

If you listen to their commercials, they will tell you they're number one in both first and second dates. Fascinating. The fact that this site is one you have to pay for is the reason why. If people are paying for the right to view and contact other singles, maybe that's the best way to go. received 4.9 out of a possible 5.0 from the website.

For those of you who are professionals and are looking for other professionals to date, this may be the site you have been looking for.  Most members are college graduates and have high incomes. Received 4.6 out of 5 from

A great site whether you are seeking something permanent or more casual. The app for your phone works well and also works well in putting it together with other sites. Zoosk received 4.6 out of 5. Zoosk has a check it out free option.

For those seeking only a serious relationship, this is a site you may want to check out. 4% of marriages in the US comes as a result of a match on eHarmony. This is another pay site, but like the others has a try it for free option. eHarmony received 4.5 out of 5.

For those singles 50 and over, this is the site for you. One of the fastest growing sites for older singles. OurTime has a 52% to 48% ratio of women to men. This is also a pay site and has a free option to check out singles.

Try these out, or maybe you have a suggestion or two we can all try. Let's see those comments!

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