Memorial Day is a day to honor and salute the almost 1.2 million American soldiers who have died fighting for our country. But, we shouldn't forget there is another another group of this country's defenders who also put their lives on the line for us everyday.

Our nation's first responders, like the military, selflessly protect us from harm. These men and women of our police and fire departments, several who have served our country in the military prior to civilian service, have given everything, including their lives.

Memorial Day is a day to remember our war heroes, but a moment to remember all who have given their lives to protect our country adds even more clarity to the cost of freedom.

Visit the area cemeteries and pay tribute to American soldiers. If you get a chance, stop at the 9/11 memorial just off the corner of 7th and Main in Grand Junction and think about all those who have died protecting us at home and abroad.


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