February 8, 2016, was a tragic day for both a family and a community. That day, Mesa County Sheriff Deputy Derek Geer was killed in the line of duty. To honor and remember this peace officer, a moment of silence will take place on the first anniversary of his death.

At 11:15 a.m. Deputy Geer called a Code 1 Air on all law enforcement channels. A Code 1 Air alerts other law enforcement of a critical incident and immediately clears all radio traffic except what's necessary for the critical incident in progress.

Following Deputy Geer's Code 1 Air, he was killed in the line of duty by a suspect identified as 17-year-old Austin Patrick Holzer who was captured a short time later.

On Wednesday (February 8), at 11:15 a.m. the Grand Junction Regional Communications Center will honor Deputy Geer with a Code 1 Air on all frequencies. This message will be preceded by a three-tone alert.

All units, Code 1 Air is called in honor of Deputy Derek Geer, 2373, who was fatally shot on February 8th, 2016 while answering a call to duty. Deputy Geer gave his life while serving his community with courage and valor. The men and women of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, all public safety agencies and your dispatchers are forever grateful and prooud to have served with Deputy Geer. We will never forget his ultimate sacrifice.

All units, break for a moment of silence.

[30 second pause]

Deputy Derek Geer, may you rest in peace and know that your honor will continue within all of us. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Code 1 Air is lifted. Dispatch Clear."

The community is invited to join in a moment of silence in honor and remembrance of Deputy Geer's 15 years of service to Mesa County that tragically ended one year ago.

In December 2016, Deputy Geer was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Geer is the only person in the history of the Mesa County Sheriff's office to receive that honor.

During Police Week in May, Deputy Geer will be honored locally and at the state and national level. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office will be sending a contingency to the Front Range and Washington D.C. for ceremonies where his name will be added to memorials there.

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