Grand Junction veterans are getting a special treat on this coming holiday weekend.

A parade of at least 30-40 vehicles will take place on Friday at 10:00am in front of the Community Living Center at the Grand Junction VA Medical Center.

Because of the lockdown since the pandemic started, veterans at the Community Living Center have not been able to have physical contact with their families. They also are not able to get out this weekend for other typical holiday events such as bowling, JUCO, and other Memorial Day happenings.

Beth Harrison is an LPN who serves veterans and wanted to do something special for the vets at the center. She called the families of the vets and asked if they would like to do a parade to see their loved ones. The families were all for it. The word got out and now the parade is growing. It's gonna include Delaney's fire truck, police and fire departments, antique cars, miniature ponies, and the families of the veterans. Signs are also being made so that even the veterans who don't have families will be acknowledged.

Beth told me, although this was her idea, the VA staff and the departments at the VA have been "amazing" in their support. She said, "I can have all the ideas in the world, but if people aren't willing to help me it would never happen."

Bringing some joy to these veterans and giving them the chance to see their loved ones is definitely a feel-good Grand Junction moment during a discouraging time. I'm so glad this is happening and I have to send kudos out to Beth and to everyone who has helped put it together, as well as those who are participating.

Friday's parade for the veterans will take place in the half horseshoe driveway to the left of the main entrance of the VA. COVID-19 safety measures are in place for the event which will allow the veterans to come outside to enjoy the parade and see their loved ones.

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