It's hard to pick what's the best part about Memorial Day weekend. This is the best part about Memorial Day weekend in Grand Junction, according to you.

There are a lot of fantastic things about Memorial Day weekend. I definitely enjoyed swimming, drinking and relaxing. But the most important and realest thing about it is our soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.I can't express the gratitude I have for them.

After I asked you on our Facebook, this is what you said is the best part about your Memorial Day weekend.

I couldn't agree with you more, Nick. You've got to remember the reason behind your 3-day weekend.

I enjoyed every minute of relaxation I received this Memorial Day weekend.

Now that's a good looking fish. I'd probably say that's the best part of my weekend too if I caught that.

Speaking of, y'all got anymore of that relaxation? I'd love a refill on my relaxation please.

We are appreciative and grateful for your service Kevin. We're grateful for everyone who has served or is serving our country.

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