Monday, Monday, ugh ...

Rather than having a so-called, "Manic Monday" how in the world do we start having Magical Mondays?

Magical Monday's sound more inviting and not so dreadful I think.

Many of you told us on Facebook how Monday Magic happens and I am with each and every one of you. I completely agree with Kimberly Ann:

When you're grateful for everything magic does happen and as for me, it puts me in a much better place mentally and emotionally.

But, to be honest, magic happens most when you have the day off or you're on vacation like our friends Deidre Zacarelli and Teri Checots.

Overall, we make the magic happen in Grand Junction. Grand Junction is magical and some people that are not from here don't understand that it's a Junction thing.

So let's say "AMEN" to a Magic Monday just like Shalona McFarland.

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