Let's admit something. When it comes to town names in Colorado, there are some pretty interesting ones.

Recently I had a friend tell me he saw a town named Bonanza. "No you didn't," I said.

Well, as it turns out, yes he did. Bonanza is actually a town in Saguache County, once known as Bonanza City. So, me being me, I decided to see what other exceptionally odd names we might find in Colorado. Some of these are real, some came only from my mind.

Crackpot, Colorado

Near Longmont, this quaint little town is a fun place to visit if you don't mind the sense of humor. Also, not a good place to make pottery.

Hygiene, Colorado

That is one clean name, isn't it? With a name like that, you would expect them to sell out of soap a lot.

Stony Pass, Colorado

Here in the marijuana legal state of Colorado, this name just fits. I mean, after all, isn't that what happens? You get stoned, you pass it?

Spook City, Colorado

Here's a frightening town name. Should I bring my black cat with me? Do I have to wear a costume to live here?

Jerk, Colorado

A man named Cyrus T (known as IMA) Jerk founded this town on the western slope of Colorado around 1357. Or was it 1753?

Troublesome, Colorado

I wrung my hands repeatedly over including this one. Located off US Highway 40, if you blink, you'll miss it.

Weed, Colorado

You just knew it had to be there. You just knew. Located, conveniently next to Munchies, Colorado, this town has to be more fun than a grand opening of a pizza parlor.

Bountiful, Colorado

Located in Conejos County, Bountiful's name is Mormon in origin.

John, Colorado

Known more for their restrooms than their town, John, Co. is a picturesque place nestled in the heart of the Youcantmakethisstuffup mountain range, John is a great place to get out, stretch your feet and, well, use the john.

Old Roach, Colorado

Was once named New Roach, but the roach got old.

Ok, which ones are real and which ones aren't? No fair using Google, just comment and let us know which are real and which, while funny, has no shot of ever being a real town.

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