These town names are so weird, they're actually cool. These Colorado towns are so weird and out there that they're almost unbelievable. Even though they sound strange, all of these weird Colorado towns are actually real places.

Colorado has towns with names like Stoner, Last Chance, and No Name. I love passing through No Name because it just makes me think of what it's like to try to tell someone where you live. These six Colorado town names are so weird, they're cool.

  • 1

    No Name, Colorado

    No Name, Colorado is near Glenwood Springs and is definitely one of the weirdest town names in Colorado. I laugh every time I see the sign on the way to Denver.

  • 2

    Paradox, Colorado

    Paradox, Colorado is near the Utah border and is close to Uravan, Colorado. Paradox gets its weird name from the weird way the Dolores River runs through the area.

  • 3

    Marvel, Colorado

    Marvel, Colorado is near the New Mexico border near Durango. I'd like to think that this town got its very cool name from Marvel Comics, but I doubt it.

  • 4

    Mayday, Colorado

    This town received its strange name from the Mayday Mine. The only town name that would be better than Mayday, Colorado would be Payday, Colorado.

  • 5

    Last Chance, Colorado

    This Colorado town name is weirdly morbid sounding. Last Chance, Colorado is near Colorado and doesn't exactly sound inviting.

  • 6

    Stoner, Colorado

    This Colorado town name is weird but very fitting for Colorado. Stoner, Colorado is near Cortez. Stoner, Colorado is conveniently located on Pipe Creek.

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