A few weeks ago we asked listeners what they thought the worst intersection in Grand Junction without a stop light. Our listeners responded and here is what they said.

There are some intersections in Grand Junction without a stop light that can be a complete nightmare during times of high traffic. These are the ones that smart people will avoid at all cost if at all possible.

By far, the worst intersection in Grand Junction without a stop light according to our listeners is Unaweep and 29 Road with 48% of the votes. Late weekday afternoons are not the times you want to turn left onto 29 Road from Unaweep. It's tough enough trying to make a right-hand turn when cars are lined up 29 Road as far as the eye can see.

The next worst intersection without a stop light is Bogart Lane and Rimrock Avenue, with 25% of the vote. This is the intersection nearest Chick-fil-A, directly across from Red Robin. Trying to make a left turn onto Rimrock Avenue can be a lengthy, frustrating, and hazardous process.

Coming in at third place we lumped together ANY left turn or crossing of Patterson or North Avenue where there is no light. During high traffic times, people do, and should, go to great lengths to avoid these situations.

There were some write-in votes for 28 Road and Patterson, Orchard Avenue and 28 Road, and Highway 50 and Linden in Orchard Mesa. If you didn't get your vote in, you can still vote in the poll below. If one comes to mind that is not on the list, write it in!

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