Western Colorado is home to several fantastic live music venues. Why sit around the house bored when you can get out and see local and national music acts? Here's a short list of some of the best live music venues in the Grand Junction area.

Grand Junction clubs feature some remarkable talent. Of course, not every venue is for everybody. Everyone eventually finds their favorite haunts. Here are a handful of Western Colorado venues which consistently feature live music.

  • The Rockslide

    4th and Main in Grand Junction

    The Rockslide features popular local talent on a frequent basis. Sometimes they play the dining area, others they play the patio.

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  • The Palisade Livery Saloon

    Downtown Palisade

    Over the years, the Livery has featured local groups Huey, Dewey, and Louie, The Goodman Band, The Desert Flyer Band, and more. They typically run bands 9 p.m. to close.

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  • Triple Tree Tavern

    2nd Street in Clifton

    The Triple Tree Tavern can get absolutely packed on a Friday or Saturday night. They typically feature groups like "The Goodman Band." I go there for old time's sake. My mom and grandpa both grew up in that building. Decades and Decades ago, it used to be the old post office, and my great-grandpa was the Postmaster. I go there for a chance to enjoy a beer and think back on old times.

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  • On Stage at Back Porch Music

    Independent Avenue in Grand Junction

    On Stage at Back Porch Music is an awesome 60-seat venue. It offers an excellent stage, table seating, warm acoustics, and a convenient location. You can frequently catch acoustic acts, small groups, and the occasional "singer/songwriter" act.

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  • JD's in Fruita

    Mulberry Street in Fruita

    JD's Bar is flat out FUN! The place can get downright crazy (in a good way). They have great music in the main part of the building, and an excellent outdoor patio.

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  • Thunderstruck Valley

    Thunderstruck Valley features some of Western Colorado's most popular bands. Another great thing... they typically have live music during the week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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  • Mesa Theater

    Main Street Grand Junction

    The Mesa Theater offers both local talent and national touring acts. The stage is phenomenal, and the house can seat hundreds of people.

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  • The Palisade Brewing Company

    Downtown Palisade

    The Palisade Brewing Company features live music several times each week. One great thing about this venue is the chance to catch live bands on a Sunday afternoon.

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  • Suds Brothers Brewery

    East Aspen in Fruita

    Suds Brothers Brewery frequently features local talent. Downtown Fruita is always awesome, and some live local talent puts it over the top.

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  • Sabrosa

    5th Street Grand Junction

    Sabrosa frequently hosts regional live bands. Located right in the middle of downtown Grand Junction, their location is awesome, and there's tons of free parking nearby.

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  • Warehouse 2565

    2565 American Way

    Warehouse 2565, the newest location in the valley, features an awesome stage, great seating, and plenty of live music. Be ready for live bands to be playing during the week, as well as plenty of live music on the weekends.

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  • Central Station

    30 Road and I-70B

    Central Station has an excellent dance floor, and consistently features some of Western Colorado's most popular bands.

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