Compared to bigger cities such as Denver or Salt Lake City traffic and intersections here in the Grand Valley are easy and simple to navigate. But when we posed the question to you on Facebook there were lots of responses as to which intersections are the worst.

We want to give a big thank you to everyone who commented with a response but here is the list of worst intersections according to you and our neighbors here in the Grand Valley.

  • Bobbi Jason writes, Hwy 6&50/ 20 Rd.
  • Nicole Thomas says, 4th and Pitkin.
  • Cody Cass says, 12th and Patterson.
  • Our friends at West Slope Voice say, Grand Ave/1st/I-70B, North Ave/I-70B/30Rd., Hwy6&50/20Rd, Hwy6&50/'G'Rd, Hwy6&50/Patterson Rd, Rimrock Ave/Bogart Lane.
  • David Crinklaw thinks it is any place with a roundabout. Especially Horizon and I-70.
  • Theresa Black says, 29/D
  • Sharon Smith thinks it's 29 RD and Patterson because it seems to have an accident weekly.
  • Brandy Vetter says, 31 1/2 Rd and E. because people are always cutting the turn short.
  • Aaron Goetz thinks it's 1st and grand and anywhere there is a roundabout.
  • Lisa Stevens says, Unaweep and 29road, highway 50 and 29 road, 29 and D road, i70 business loop and 30 road, 32 and i70b.
  • Camille Shaver agrees with everyone who says it's anywhere that has a roundabout.
  • Joel Trumbo thinks it's 25th & Patterson especially around 4 p.m.
  • Lisa Gregory says it's 28 and orchard....the half roundabout......31 and orchard.
  • Kim Bell says 6&50/20 Rd, 19 & K Rd, and Bogart & Rimrock.
  • Dejah Thoris Snead thinks it's the worst at 12th and North.

Plus we have lots of comments from people saying that everywhere is bad because people don't pay attention while driving. So please remember to pay attention when behind the wheel. And feel free to reach out to us if you think there is one we should add to this list.

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