I'm not saying it's the worst intersection in Grand Junction, but recently it has moved to the top of my least favorite list.

The intersection is Rimrock Avenue and Highway 6 & 50. It's one of the busiest intersections around - even when it's not the holiday shopping season.

The Rimrock Trade Center is such a busy place with Walmart, Lowes, Sprouts, Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A, Red Robin, and countless other well-trafficked businesses. There's hardly a time when there's not a ton of traffic.

For starters, this intersection is a long light - and I understand there's not really anything you can do about that. You have four lanes of traffic all needing to turn left - one lane at a time. It's just one of life's necessary evils and we just have to deal with it.

But, what I hate the most is when I'm sitting by Golden Corral needing to cross the highway to the Rimrock Trade Center. It's really quick. If you aren't one of the first four cars in line, there's a good chance you're going to have to wait for another cycle.

Please understand. I'm not complaining or whining. Really I'm not. It's just one of the intersections I try to avoid if at all possible - especially if I'm needing to make a left turn.

Sure there are more pressing concerns in Grand Junction. We have bigger problems. But, for today, at least, I just wanted to talk about my new least favorite intersection.

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