For everyone who gets behind the wheel, who seems to immediately become angry about something, this one for you.

Dear Angry Drivers in Grand Junction,

The first thing you need to realize, not everybody with a drivers license on the road possesses your amazing driving skills. You likely are one of the top drivers in the entire state of Colorado. It may be helpful to lower your expectations of other motorists. If you stop expecting perfect driving from everyone, you could be a happier driver yourself.

Another helpful hint, if I may be so bold, maybe cut back on your daily caffeine intake. All of the coffee and energy drinks you're downing might be making you extraordinarily irritated and precipitating your road rage.

To the gentleman who was driving the wrong way down 5th Street who looked so angry and blew black smoke out the back of your big truck, did you think the person --not me-- who honked at you was sending a warning that was largely for your benefit and safety? Perhaps a "gee, I'm so sorry" hand wave would have been more appropriate than the raising of a single finger.

Going the wrong way on a one-way street could happen to anyone. We understand in this instance you were probably blinded by the sun as you were traveling south on 5th and couldn't see all the other cars coming toward you.

I understand the speed limit on North Avenue varies from 40 mph to 30 mph. My experience has been that not everyone goes the speed limit on North and that irritates you. Please keep in mind they are going the proper speed limit, it just happens to be in the wrong place. You should be more understanding. After all, there is a whole gaggle of signs that people have to read, and sometimes those darned speed limit signs just blend right in with the landscape. The fact is, when you're looking into the setting sun, a 3 kind of does look like a 4, so the confusion is understandable. Please give a little grace.

The bottom line is this. We have more than our share of bad drivers in Grand Junction and the sooner we realize it and start lowering our expectations, the happier we all will be. I believe a happy driver is a safe driver.

The next time you find yourself driving down the road getting angry try thinking happy thoughts. Look into your heart and find some compassion for the less fortunate drivers in Grand Junction that have not been blessed with your great driving skills. Count your blessings and be grateful for your extraordinary driving ability.

Thanks for listening.

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