Grand Junction, Colorado is a popular destination for tourists and transplants, but natives can easily tell who's who.

Being unique can be a gift and a curse. Traveling to explore a new area can be really fun, but most tourists can be easily spotted with these telltale signs.

If you've ever traveled to an area you're unfamiliar with, things can look a lot different. Try as you may, sometimes it's not easy to blend in. Here are the top 5 ways to spot a newcomer in Grand Junction.

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They Dress Differently

While most Coloradans are accustomed to extreme weather, tourists and transplants are not. Anything under 70 degrees, and your average person is bundling up with winter wear, but not a true Colorado native. That's actually the perfect temperature for locals to step out with sandals and shorts.

They Can't Handle The Elevation in Colorado

Just about every day is beautiful here, and makes for the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy nature's beauty with hiking, biking, or just walking some trails. While tourists love to gawk at the mountains, getting anywhere close to them seems to be an issue. Once the elevation starts rising, tourists are quick to comment about how much harder it is to breathe.

They Have An Accent That Isn't Western

Each state has their own slang and accents, and one of the easiest ways to spot a newcomer is just listening to the way they speak. Do they pronounce or enunciate every syllable? Is there a long drawl to their words? Do they speak out of turn or interrupt conversations? Take a moment to listen, and you'll realize just how easy it is to spot an accent.

They Don't Know How To Drive in Snow

You ever see something and think: "Yikes, that's not going to end well!" Yeah, it's pretty much like watching a newbie drive in the snow.

While some states may have high speed limits, that's not the case here because of the extreme road conditions. Not only do tourists try to brave the snow in cars with 2 wheel drive, but most often they don't know a thing about snow tires either. Plus they drive ridiculously fast, while locals know that getting to your destination in one piece is the real goal.

They Think Dispensaries Are A Big Deal

As one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, dispensaries are no big deal. You've seen it all from vapes, pills, edibles, and more. A tourist however is still in shock that not only is consumption of these items legal, but that there's such a huge variety to choose from.

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