Grand Junction is a fine community, but not everyone feels that way and here are10 of the stupidest comments made about Grand Junction on Trip Advisor.

Now, I understand there are different strokes for different folks, and everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. And, yes, I suppose I am a little defensive because this is my town they are talking about.

I know that Grand Junction isn't perfect, but is any town absolutely perfect? I would say not. But, I think these comments on Trip Advisor are absolutely ridiculous.

  • "Not much to see or do here. Legal marijuana is about the only selling point here. Pretty scenery just don't stay here." - Roger C.
  • "The few restaurant/ bars that were open didn't look very's not worth your time." - Crosswycke
  • "An absolute total and complete waste of time. It’s an area filled with junk crap and more junk." - David B.
  • "If you are from Madison, Boulder, Ann Arbor, San Francisco, etc., you wonder where the action is." -HellUride
  • "My advice is to never find yourself in Grand Junction.The monument is cool but you aren't missing anything if you never make it to this town." - Seattlefan 
  • "I thought places were overpriced and I have visited better places with more appeal...and the people are very rude." Whtever!
  • "Very small downtown. Not much happening. There are a few shops and restaurants." - Chris123app
  • "Bums, drunks, and degenerates all over the place." - BigMountain Traveler
  • " I was expecting more art galleries, restaurants, and unique shops." - Laurel N
  • "Spend any time in downtown and you quickly discover that this town goes to bed way before sunset." - Geol Cruiser

Ladies and gentlemen, let me make it perfectly clear - Grand Junction is not a big city. If you come visit Grand Junction - and we hope you do -  before you pass through the city limits, you might want to drop off your big-city expectations alongside the road. You can pick them back up on your way out of town.

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