Another group of Colorado police officers has taken the #LipSyncChallenge. This time around, it's the officers from Teller County.

We recently shared one of the best #LipSyncChallenge videos from the officers in Golden, Colo. That was until the Teller County Sheriff's Office accepted the challenge.

The TCSO's video is filled with hits, as they kick off the video with a little Britney Spears, fading into a few of the officers having fun in a field gettin' "City Boy Stuck." As the po-po normally does, they try to catch you "Ridin' Dirty."

Straight out of left field is a bit of Adele. Who thought you could take a sappy love song and turn it into some funny?

Rounding out the video is the sheriff reminiscing about how he's not as good as he once was.

We're seeing a ton of Colorado's boys in blue sharing their #LipSyncChallenges, who do you want to see next?

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