Ian and Macy Geer, the children of Deputy Derek Geer, have participated with their dad in years past in the poultry program and tried to keep the tradition going this year, but their birds didn't make the cut. That is where 16-year-old Tyler Fritzlan came into the picture.

Fritzlan sold his chickens at the fair this weekend for $1,250. This money would normally help with next year's birds or a college fund, but that's not what he did with it. He doesn't know the Geer family personally, but he knows their story and wanted to make sure they could participate next year if they wanted. So he is donating his profit to their family to cover the expenses of raising poultry for next year's fair.

Fritzlan said that Deputy Geer did his job protecting the community and feels that we need to protect his family and make sure they are taken care of.

Deputy Geer played an important role in the poultry club and was dedicated to teaching the members to have strong values. Fritzlan displayed these strong values this weekend.

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