Mesa County Sheriff's Deputy Derek Geer was honored recently on the floor of the Colorado Senate.

State Senator Cory Gardner took to the senate floor to honor the slain officer and to thank law enforcement officers across Colorado and around the nation for their service.

Gardner paid tribute to Geer saying:

Service and duty to his county and his community exemplified Deputy Geer's selfless concern for others. In every role he held, he always found ways to give even more. This loss has been felt deeply across Colorado's  Western Slope communities, and our state as we remember a man who exemplified the best in  the western spirit- courage and selfless leadership. "

Gardner displayed a large photo of Deputy Geer as he spoke fondly and reverently of the fallen officer, killed February 8 in Grand Junction while in the line of duty.

May our community never ever forget, or stop remembering the service and the sacrifice of Deputy Derek Geer. And, kudos and thanks to Senator Gardner for this gesture of honor and remembrance.


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