Support for local law enforcement and the Derek Geer family continues to be demonstrated at an extremely high level, and now there is a new way to show support.

The thin blue line campaign has resulted in many motorists displaying a thin blue line on the back of the vehicle to show support for law enforcement. Most of the time, this line is simply a piece of removable tape.

Now, thanks to Bud's Signs, you can get a still-removable, but more permanent blue line put on your car for just $20. There is also a $30 option which features a blue line in between two black lines.  Some people are even having these blue lines put on their store fronts to demonstrate their support for law enforcement. Proceeds from every sale will go to the Derek Geer family.

It takes about 10 minutes to put the blue line on your vehicle, so if you want to participate call Bud's Signs at 245-7700 to schedule a time.

A Support Law Enforcement Thin Blue Line ribbon decal is also now available for purchase for $10, and the proceeds are going to the Derek Geer Family.

Susan Woods came up with the idea of the blue ribbon decal and will be selling them Friday and Saturday (March 4, 5) at the Western Implement Auction on North Avenue. The decals look great on a car or on a store front window.

The goal is to get 30,000 blues lines and/or ribbons on display in Mesa County, and in the process demonstrate county wide support for law enforcement and to help ensure the Geer children will receive the secondary education they need.

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