Grand Junction voters are in the process of deciding the immediate future of Grand Junction High School.

Ballot Measure 4B Would Fund New Grand Junction High School

Ballot Measure 4B is currently before Grand Junction voters, who must decide if they are willing to approve a tax increase to fund the construction of a new high school with an estimated cost of $144.5 million. If the measure is approved, construction on the new high school could begin in 2022 at the current location on 5th Street. The design of a new Grand Junction High School would be a three-story building that would be built on the northeast part of the current campus.

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How Much Would Taxes Increase?

The bond measure on the November ballot authorizes the district to sell bonds to investors in the amount of $115 million.  According to the Mesa County Valley School District, the tax increase means the owner of a $300,000 home would pay less than $3 per month to fund the project. The district would pay back the investors with interest over time using a temporary tax increase approved by voters to fund the construction. Once the bonds are paid off, the additional property tax would end.

What Are People Saying?

Obviously, tax increases are never popular. As the cost of living continues to rise, nobody really wants more of their hard-earned money to be whittled away with even more taxes. However, when it comes to much-needed new school construction, the cold, hard reality is that it's the taxpayers who have to foot the bill. I think that most everyone would agree the 65-year-old Grand Junction High School needs to be replaced, but there are plenty of opinions about what that looks like and how and when it should happen. There never seems to be a simple, clear-cut answer.

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