As of yesterday, October 1, Grand Junction's Laurel House apartment complex is officially open. Would you like to take a virtual tour?

According to their official Facebook page, the 34-bed Laurel House apartment complex is "a permanent solution to youth on our streets." The Facebook post adds, "...our mission to provide homeless, unaccompanied youth on the Western Slope with safety, warmth, and hope for a new day.

According to, in Mesa County, more than one-third of the homeless population is a youth or young adults. With doors officially open, they are ready to serve as a roof over the heads of at least 34 young people. Those staying in the apartments do so at no cost. reports that upon finding employment, those staying in the apartments will pay 30% of their income as rent.

The youth that will be invited here are the most vulnerable youth in our community. We’re looking for youth that we know are at a long term risk for homelessness." - John Mok-Lamme

There have been a number of previews and tours at the facility. The "Community Tour Day" is coming up tomorrow, Saturday, October 3. Tours are available by time slot reservation.

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Would you be interested in taking a virtual tour? That's right, you can tour this amazing new facility serving the Western Slope without even leaving your house. I just took the virtual tour and was highly impressed. I believe you'll find it well-produced and very informative.

Please make a point to schedule a tour time. If that's not in the cards, then please consider taking the virtual tour. It's a worthwhile investment of your time.

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