We all have things that we wish we had at work. Some people wish for a raise or better management, and other wish for things like a taco dispenser or a place to take a nap.

One thing I would like at work, which I know would benefit everyone, is a dog. And I'm not the only one, we had quite a few responses about bring dogs to work.

We asked you what you wish you had at your work and the responses are hilarious. Here's what Grand Junction is missing at their workplace.

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    If we had a dog at the radio station, morale would be at an all-time high and it would only encourage people to come by. Michelle Lauffer commented on our Facebook and says if we had a mascot they could come to all of our events and draw people to us. I'm working on expensing it now, Michelle.

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    Taco Dispenser + More

    Kattura Young says he wants a taco dispenser and Dave Joslyn wants a popcorn maker. Not just any popcorn maker -- he wants that movie theater popcorn. I'm very thankful that my radio station is constantly feeding me food. Free food is always appreciated.

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    Fitness Is Fun

    Alisha Underwood commented on our Facebook and says she wishes she had bike peddles for her desk at work. One of the things I'd like at the radio station is a bouncy ball for my desk. It'd be fun to not have to sit still and work on my fitness all while at work.

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    A Raise + Common Sense

    There were a few comments wishing for better pay at the workplace. A few other things Grand Junction is missing at their workplace are common sense and better management. Common sense is, unfortunately, not so common.

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    Five O'Clock Somewhere + Naps

    Grand Junction thinks their workplace is missing stuff like a  margarita machine, beer, or a machine that has one side jack and one side coke. Other people in Grand Junction just want somewhere to take a nap at work. Some workplace wishes are more realistic than others.

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