All of these things make Grand Junction seriously mad when they're at work. From lazy and late coworkers to cleaning up pee, these are Grand Junction's biggest workplace pet peeves.

We think it's really annoying when our coworkers complain about how busy they are, but then take 20 smoke breaks a day. You could definitely say that laziness is one of our biggest workplace pet peeves. Also, technology not keeping up with us and coworkers doing nasty things at work, such as cutting their toenails.

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We wanted to know what things at work really, really annoy you, so we asked you on our Facebook. Here are Grand Junction's biggest workplace pet peeves.

Sara McCracken commented on our Facebook and says that one of her biggest workplace pet peeves is how whiny and entitled her coworkers are. She says she has to do everything for them because well, her job is being their mom. Lisa Doe says that entitlement and coworkers thinking they deserve more for just showing up is her workplace pet peeve.

Shea Brammer on our Facebook says that people talking to him while he's hyper-focused is his workplace pet peeve. Some people really don't know that you actually come to work -- to work. (Mindblowing, right?) Kelly Johnson says her 2-year-old likes to pee on the floor when she gets mad at her mom -- cleaning up pee is definitely Kelly's pet peeve. Kelly says her 2-year-old must be looking to get fired.

Shanon Stover says her biggest workplace pet peeve is not getting paid on time. You don't ever mess with someone's money, so not cool. Melanie Scott's biggest pet peeve at work are no shows or late appointments. Teri Checot's biggest workplace pet peeve is having no communication, Sharon Anable says robocalls and Tina Bennett says her boss.

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