As Americans, we are a group of hard workers. And a recent study performed by Wallethub has determined by state where the hard workers are.

Finishing eighth out of 50 isn't bad, but what went into determining which state works harder than all the rest?

They determined work hours per week, workers with multiple jobs and how much volunteering is done by state. Additionally, they looked at employment rate how many workers do not use all of their vacation time as well as other metrics.

Colorado came in eighth, but well ahead of states like California, Oregon and New York, but behind the hardest working state in the U.S., Alaska.

In comparing countries, they found Americans work more hours per year than Germans but fewer hours per year than Mexicans.

This study tells me a few things. We aren't afraid of hard work, we know how to play, and we are all proud, hardworking Americans.

Way to go Colorado.

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