I'm not the only one who loves waking up and going to work, Grand Junction does too. This is why Grand Junction loves their job.

My workplace is a wonderful place, I love working in the studio and jamming out, hooking people up with prizes and being able to relate to people. I strive to make sure that people don't feel alone and our listeners are one of my favorite parts about working for the radio station.

Since I love my job, I wanted to know if and why you love yours. We asked you on our Facebook, and this is what Grand Junction has to say about work:

Tracey says she loved being a CNA because she loved the connection she made with her patients. She worked with the elderly who she says sometimes gave her a hard time but later would forget and love her again 10 minutes later.

Mariah Harvey is a hairstylist and says her work is wonderful. Mariah said that she loves being a hairstylist because she loves makes people feel pretty. As someone who loves getting her hair done, we truly appreciate that Mariah.

CJ Scott commented on our Facebook and says he loves his jobis because he never has to deal with the general public. CJ is an airplane mechanic and he says the best part of his job is that the planes don't talk back.

More reasons why Grand Junction loves their job include:

  • It's cooler than my last one
  • Making people smile
  • Every day is take your dog to work day

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