Since it seems as though we aren't going to have much snow why not just go swimming for the holidays?

I know, you're saying to yourself; "Why the heck would I want to go swimming in winter?" Because you can! Look at it this way, you'll be indoors, so the cold won't affect you. And it's a great way to get exercise, get out of the house and still enjoy a warm weather activity, snow or no snow!

So here are your swimming hot-spots for the holidays!

Orchard Mesa Pool

An affordable way to spend some time in the water! Think how excited the kids will be when you tell them you're going swimming for the afternoon!

Fruita Community Center

In addition to the pool, they have many other activities you can take part in. But why not get those swimming togs out of mothballs and jump on in!

Crossroads Fitness Center

If you have a membership and you never thought about getting in the pool in winter, think about it! Swim a few laps or take part in the aquatics they have available. And it's affordable too.

Comfort Inn-Fruita

Or just about any hotel with an indoor pool. Combine a day and night away from home and let someone else make the beds and clean the room while you go swim, in winter.

Call me crazy but I think going swimming in winter has all the potential of becoming a new Christmas tradition. Let's go swimming!

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