This morning, Fruita Monument High School and Fruita 8/9 were both on lockdown due to police activity. A student has shared a photo from the lockdown and it's saddening to see.

Fruita Monument High School and Fruita 8/9 were on lockdown this morning. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has officers present at both schools and said there is no threat to either school.

This photo has been removed from all social media accounts.

These videos were shared on social media from students inside the Fruita schools.

The panic, the fear, the feeling of huddling up with your entire class. I can't imagine my child having to go through this. It's not anything anyone wants to experience, and it's definitely not something I want my kid to go through.

I honestly don't remember the last time I saw someone so...armed. Maybe it was the last time I was on a military base. I'm glad the officers were present at both schools but seeing this picture makes you think. It seems like as of lately we're constantly facing threats. We're working hard to protect our children but it's sad that we have to go to these protective measures.

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