There are unique town names in every state, but Colorado has some serious "are you kidding me" town names you have to see to believe.

If you were to take a detailed map of Colorado, and just start looking around, you would find some seriously weird or unusual names for towns here. I have assembled a few for your enjoyment.

Yes, Bedrock. As in Yabba Dabba Do, Flintstones Bedrock. But it doesn't look anything like the fictional town from the cartoon. Not at all. Located in Montrose County, it is pretty much a ghost town, however, the post office and store are still going! And look at where you could stay!

I am so not making this up. Spook City is located in Saguache County and could be the perfect place to plan a Halloween party. To no one's surprise, there are several cemeteries in the area that just might add to the overall spookiness of Spook City. And it's kinda pretty.

Now there's a name for you. I have honestly never even heard of this place, but it's a suburb of Greely, Co.

Colorado's WTF Town Names
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You read that right. Located in Gilpin County is the town of Wideawake. No sense referring to this one as a sleepy little town, huh?

Colorado's WTF Town Names
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Located about 20 miles from Granby in Grand county lies the town of Troublesome. I think if I had a choice of town names to have been born in, this one would have been the coolest.

This little hamlet, just outside Glenwood Springs, got its name from its location on the railroad map; Dot Zero. Workers began moving trailers into the area and the name just stuck.

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