Now that the uproar over Starbucks' red holiday cups has died down, it is such a relief that we have come up with something else to be mad about - Reese's peanut butter and chocolate Christmas trees that don't really look like trees.

I have to admit, the holiday chocolate's don't really look like trees, but why does is it even matter? The packaging looks like trees, so why does anyone care what it  looks like during the three seconds it takes for the candy to get from the package into your mouth?

Apparently, there are people in the world who exist  simply for the purpose of looking for something to complain about. Never mind the ongoing threat of ISIS in our land or the fact that police officers are being killed in the line of duty on a weekly basis, and that hundreds of thousands of babies lose their life every year in America. No, let's raise heck about the shape of our holiday candy.

According to a report on Fox News,  the Hershey Company has been making the Christmas tree-shaped candy since 1993, but the fact is, they don't really look like trees. A spokesman for the company says the process of making the candy is responsible for a less than distinct shape.

Plenty of chocolate lovers are expressing their displeasure on social media like Angie, who tweets "Reeses how in the hell is this a damn tree. Looks like a damn turd!"[sic]

I could name plenty of candies that looks like turds, but I'm not going there. It's candy!! Does it TASTE like turds? Does it smell like turds? I don't think so!! So, get over it! It's candy for heaven's sake.

Here's an idea. Let's give the company a little credit for celebrating this most wonderful time of the year instead of griping about the shape of their candy. If  you are unhappy about the shape of the candy - don't buy it - or make your own!