For those that have not heard of or seen slackline acrobatics, you just need to know that this weekend's slackline demonstration at the Gear Up Festival in Fruita promises to be amazing.

The Gear Up Festival in Fruita is all about the outdoors and that means all kinds of outdoor gear and vendors to help us kick off the warm weather outdoor season in Western Colorado. Plus, there will be a number of outdoor demonstrations at this year's festival including a slackline demonstration.

What is slackline?

Slacklining is the "act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing, according to Wikipedia. However, slacklining actually involves much more than walking and balancing. Imagine bouncing flips and somersaults on a trampoline, except that this "trampoline" is only about two inches wide.

Check out this video to get an idea of what slacklining is all about, and then come out to the Gear Up Festival this weekend and see it for yourself in person. There is no admission charge!

I am thinking I want to WATCH it, not DO it!

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