Driving on I-70 has its own set of difficulties.

I was driving westbound I-70, after taking my grandson to meet up with his dad in Eagle, having a really nice drive, just me and Jazz, my dog, just minding my own business.

I don't drive crazy and I sure don't go looking for things to hit, so this came as kind of a surprise.

The ironic thing was I was talking to my son about how I hadn't hit anything on the highway in a long time, almost 20 years, actually, and thought well at least I know how to avoid that kind of stuff, right?


When you're going 75 on the highway, you really have no time to do anything but grip the wheel, so that's what I did. I am sure Mr. skunk didn't survive it, and, as you can see from my car I didn't come out of it unscathed either.

Next time you are out on the highway, remember there are more things than cars and trucks out there.

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