This week the Grand Junction Spotlight is on my coworker from KEKB, Waylon Jordan. Waylon is a DJ on KEKB, a musician and a master of Mt. Garfield.

Waylon Jordan is what I like to call a Grand Junction O.G. because he's lived here in Grand Junction for 48 years. He's been here for the majority of time, only leaving for a few years to go on tour.

That's right, Waylon not only plays music on the radio, he plays music in real life too. Waylon spends most of his time playing the big bass. He learned how to play in 1978 and then became 'hugely disinterested' so he stopped. But that's because he came 'hugely interested' in radio.

Now Waylon is doing radio and playing music 'constantly, every day,' according to him. He's playing at the Fruita Civic Center Park tonight for the Fruita Thursday Night Concert Series with the Frank Bregar Orchestra. He also is in the Desert Flyer Band. Waylon is one of those people that would never boast about himself, but his talent speaks for himself.

I'm constantly impressed by Waylon's writing, production and DJ skils, not to mention his whole 'making beautiful music on the regular' thing. Waylon has always helped me out no matter how stupid the question may be. Trust me, I've asked some silly ones, like how to pronounce 'Stocker Stadium.'

He also hikes Mt. Garfield more than anyone I know. Waylon hikes Mt. Garfield about once or twice a week. He started hiking it only four years ago and went from 1-100 real quick. I told Waylon the next time he goes, I'm coming with. He may or may not have to carry me, but we'll make it no matter what.

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