As the Denver Broncos try to figure out who their starting quarterback is going to be, some fans are thinking they should give Tim Tebow another shot.

None of the veteran quarterbacks the Broncos have discussed have had  fans comparing them to the great Denver quarterbacks John Elway and Peyton Manning. We hope that first round draft pick Paxton Lynch is going to be the guy eventually, but starting a rookie quarterback on a team that is built to win NOW, is not practical.

So,how about the guy the Broncos originally drafted, and, who, ultimately helped them to a playoff win?

Tim Tebow is the most polarizing figure in Broncos history -- and the Tebow debate, though it has chilled somewhat in recent years- has used up more tread than a 50,000 mile set of all- season radials that are out of warranty. We aren't going there.

However, it's worth noting there are Broncos fans in Denver that think Tim Tebow is what the Broncos need. According to Shutdown Corner, the group is hoping to present a petition to John Elway  and Gary Kubiak with 5,000 signatures and a request to bring Tebow back to Denver.

Never mind that Tebow has not played in an NFL game for four years. Never mind that  when he did play he completed fewer than half the passes he threw in 35 NFL games. Never mind that four NFL teams - Denver, New England, Philadelphia, and N. Y. Jets - each gave him a legitimate shot, but,ultimately, chose to part ways with him. Hmmmm....

Sorry, Tebow, fans, Timmy is not the answer. Not if the question is what quarterback gives the Broncos the best possible chance to get back to the Super Bowl?

Don't get me wrong. I love Tim Tebow -and I would love for him to marry my daughter. But, based upon what my eyes have witnessed, there is little evidence that he possesses the skills necessary to effectively and efficiently play the position of quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

No matter what they are, we have better options!

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