Where the Denver Broncos' wheel of quarterback roulette stops nobody knows, but we now know that second year man Trevor Siemian is at least on the wheel.

The Broncos are striving for back-to-back Super Bowl championships for the second time in franchise history, and trying to do it without either of the quarterbacks that led the march to a win in Super Bowl 50.

One name has already been added to the roulette wheel, that being Mark Sanchez, who sounds like a man on a mission to be the Broncos starting quarterback. However, commander-in-chief John Elway has made it clear from the start that there will be a competition and that the job is not being "handed" to Sanchez.

The list of possible competitors has been large including Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and now  Brian Hoyer, recently released by the Houston Texan, has visited Denver. The Broncos have also expressed the likelihood of grabbing a quarterback prospect in the upcoming draft.

The Broncos obviously want a veteran to compete with Sanchez for the starting job, and fans have wondered if Trevor Siemian would even be given a chance to compete. His only action so far for the Broncos has been in the pre-season. He showed  good promise as a rookie in limited action, but, could he possibly be the Broncos quarterback of the future?

Elway today let it be known that the Broncos think highly of Siemian calling him "very talented"  with "great arm talent." Elway says Simian will be "right in the middle of it, and competing." Siemian was a 7th round selection in the 2015 draft.

With the 2016 NFL draft just days away, it's likely that fans of the Denver Broncos will know sooner rather than later who the final piece - or pieces-of the quarterback roulette wheel will be.

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