With all NFL training camps now open, the clock is ticking on Tim Tebow's dream to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. It would appear that it's now or never. Of course, I've already said it approximately one million times, but, the fact is, Tebow has already fulfilled his life-long dream of being an NFL quarterback. Remember his time with the Denver Broncos - and that dramatic overtime win over Pittsburgh in the playoffs?

So, with all due respect, the dream now is to become a starting quarterback in the NFL - again. Or maybe the dream now is to be an NFL quarterback regardless of whether it's as a starter, back up, or third string.

Regardless of what the dream is, Tebow is getting a second chance at it in Philadelphia, where Head Coach Chip Kelly has been turning heads with a number of unconventional and head-scratching  off-season moves. Plenty of heads turned when the Eagles signed Tebow to a contract at a time when NFL teams weren't exactly line up at Tebow's door.. Who knows, maybe Chip Kelly is the greatest football genius of all-time.

While the Eagles are taking a chance on Tebow, they really have nothing to lose. If he has improved as much as some say, maybe he can be a legitimate back-up quarterback - or (gulp) even a starter. If he is still the same Tebow with the long-slow delivery, and the inability to pull the trigger and throw the ball more than five  yards down the field accurately - well, the Eagles simply give him his pink slip and they go on their merry way.

Most football fans, I believe, would be surprised if Tim Tebow makes the Eagles' final roster, let alone win the starting job. But, stranger things have happened. You can't deny there is something special about Tebow, even if it's not possessing great quarterbacking skills. Anyone who counts him out, may be in for a surprise.

While I remain skeptical about whether or not Tebow will even win even a back-up job in Philadelphia, I'm certainly rooting for him. He still seems to be a great human being - and his squeaky clean image is good for the NFL, which has had more than its share of black marks in recent months.

As teams begin to trim their rosters down to the 53-player maximum, it won't be long until we know whether Tim Tebow will be on the football field this season, or in the broadcast booth.  Not only is the clock ticking on Tebow for 2015, his career may be inching toward the midnight hour as well. Tick, tock... tick, tock.....