Tim Tebow

Do You Remember 'Tim Tebow's Fire'?
The last time the Broncos had a quarterback situation was 2012, when for a single day they had Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow on the roster at the same time, shortly after the creation of "Tim Tebow's Fire."
Tim Tebow has no contract
Tim Tebow has been under contract in the NFL but now knows he doesn’t need a stinking contract. The fact is I’m sure he will ever get another chance to play in the NFL but he doesn’t need it. Tebow is now working with ESPN and from this day forward wil…
Tebow Lands in New England
Tim Tebow has a new team, according to reports Tebow will sign with the New England Patriots. The move will reunite Tim Tebow with Josh McDaniels who drafted Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft. Tebow is expected to be at the Patriots mandatory mini-camp Tuesday. Tebow was released by the…
The Soap Opera That is Tim Tebow
Just 16 months ago Tim Tebow was tossing a walk-off touchdown to Demaryius Thomas to beat the Steelers in the NFL playoffs. Since then, Tebow's been traded, ignored, ridiculed and discarded. Now, Tebow fans have petitioned President Barack Obama, on the White House’s “We The People” page, to call th…

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