There once was a day when such a question would have been met with nothing but scoffs. That day seems like a long time ago.

I started thinking about this when I read the story about the high school wrestler who forfeited his third-place match at the Colorado State Wrestling Championships. In fact, it was Brendan Johnston's second forfeit of the tournament -both coming against girls.

Johnston stated he wasn't comfortable wrestling a girl, and also that he doesn't want to treat a girl with physical aggression on or off the mat. Consequently, he opted to forfeit the match.

I have a lot of respect for this young man for staying true to his own personal values and morals. This wasn't the first time he had forfeited a match to a girl this season.

To me, it's not a question of whether or not girls should be wrestling. If they want to wrestle let them wrestle. But, it's simply a question of whether it's appropriate for girls to wrestle boys. If I had a teenage daughter I would absolutely not want her wrestling against boys.

Girls wrestling is gaining popularity across the nation at both the high school and collegiate level. In Colorado, girls wrestling is in the process of becoming a sanctioned sport. CHSSA rules allow for girls to compete on a team of all girls or a team that involves boys. If the girl's school does not have a girls wrestling team, she has the option of competing on the team of a nearby school.

I realize we live in a different world today, but from my perspective, it's still inappropriate for high school boys and girls to have this sort of physical contact. I believe some things will never change. What was inappropriate 40 years ago is still inappropriate today.

What is your view? It is it old-fashioned and out of style to adopt a conservative viewpoint on the subject? Is it impossible in the 21st century to separate boys and girls and men and women on any level? If the young man in this story was your son, would you support his decision not to wrestle against a girl?

Answer the poll question below and feel free to leave a comment. We would love to know what you think about this. I may share some comments in a future post.

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