Two funeral homes in Colorado are now under criminal investigation following shocking discoveries made by authorities.

The owner of the funeral homes and Lake County Coroner, Shannon Kent, is not facing charges as of yet, but the funeral homes located in Leadville and Gypsum, Colorado are currently shut down as their business licenses have been suspended.

Lake and Eagle County Sheriff's offices issued a search warrant on Kent's 'Bailey-Kent Funeral Home' in Leadville on October 2nd where they encountered what was described as a "strong odor of composition," and according to the Colorado Office of Funeral Home and Crematory Registration, authorities found the following violations:

  • Used body bags, medical gloves and other surgical equipment with dried bodily fluid on them piled on the floor
  • Bodily fluids leaking out of a body bag containing an individual who had not been refrigerated
  • Numerous bags of unlabeled cremains
  • A container of animal remains leaking fluids
  • Several bodies in refrigeration wrapped in sheets or blankets without identifying tags or paperwork
  • An unmarked casket containing a stillborn infant that was “abandoned,” the suspension order states
  • Paperwork “scattered several feet deep on the floor”

This is not the first time that Kent has been in hot water with law enforcement, as he is already facing charges of official misconduct and perjury after allegations arose of him sending his wife, Staci, to several death scenes instead of him going himself, even though she is not authorized to do so.

In addition to the discoveries named by the Office of Funeral Home and Crematory Registration, it's also being reported that the remains of the stillborn baby received by the infant's family were mixed with adult body parts and pieces of metal, which prompted the investigation last February.

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