While to many of us becoming even a minor-league baseball player would be a dream come true, some people take it for granted. You have enough talent and a strong work ethic to play among some of the best in the country but unfortunately for one player that wasn't enough as he was pushing large amounts of drugs while working to make it to the major leagues. The details have been released by Vail Daily regarding a minor league ballplayer who was arrested with 21 pounds of meth and 1.2 pounds of oxycodone pills in his Chicago Cubs duffle bag.

The suspect that was taken into custody was 25-year-old Jesus Camargo-Corrales from Tempe, Arizona. And had his first day in court this past Thursday at the Eagle County Courthouse, his bond was set at $75,000.

What Charges Will the Chicago Cubs Minor League Baseball Player Be Facing

Gamargo-Corrales is facing charges of unlawful distribution of methamphetamine and oxycodone, both are class 1 drug felony charges, in addition to charges of unlawful possession of each drug which each charge is a class 4 drug felony. The formal charges from the Eagle County District Attorney's Office must be filed before March 25th.

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How Was Jesus Camargo-Corrales Caught With Methamphetamine and Oxyocodone

The suspect was driving his silver BMW when spotted by an Eagle County Sheriff's Deputy speeding and drifting into another lane. He was with two occupants in the car and upon being stopped they all had different reasons as to why they were traveling from Denver to Phoenix. Camargo-Corrales said there were no drugs in the vehicle but a drug dog found that to be untruthful. The two other occupants were released from the scene as police determined they had no idea about the drugs in the car.

Upon police questioning, Camargo-Corrales admitted that a friend called him from Mexico and told him to drop off a package to Denver and he would make an easy $500. He knew it was drugs, just didn't know exactly what kind. His next court date is set for Tuesday, March 30th.

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