This cozy and luxurious cabin in the perfect place to kick back and relax and drop a line. See the nearly $2 million riverfront cabin in Glenwood Springs.

Imagine coming back to your house after a long day of work and when you park in your driveway, you hear the sound of the river and don't see a single neighbor in sight. This cabin in Glenwood Springs is right along the Roaring Fork River, if the cabin was any closer to the water, it'd be in it.

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The property is at 180 County Road 109 in Glenwood Springs and is over 6 acres and over 2,000 square feet. It's almost $2 million and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a barn/garage and a whole lot of stone fireplaces. Both the house's exterior and interior are covered in wood.

This Glenwood Springs cabin has windows literally everywhere -- even in the bathrooms. (Which is not a problem because you can't even see your neighbors.) The amount of natural light in this house is just gorgeous.

The barn/garage on the property is so huge, it's bigger than my apartment. The barn comes complete with a loft, which makes a great space for an office, workshop or maybe a quiet nice nook to curl up and read a book.

It seems like this is the perfect place to kick back and relax and drop a line. This cabin in Glenwood Springs is a fisherman's paradise. There's a big deck in the backyard by the water so your family can watch you fish -- and hand you beers.

The views of the mountains and the river are beautiful and the whole property is full of lush greenery, just look at the pictures below.

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